Pellinor Style Spear Tip

Pellinor Style Spear Tip

Detailed construction of the Pellinor style spear tip by Sir Gnaeus.

The original construction notes by Sir Pellinor can be found here:



From top left:

  • Foam for the core 2″ spear tip
    5 Pieces of 1/2″ closed cell “camping pad” foam
  • 1 1/2″ “No Hub” flexible coupling (Lowes Hardware – 23466)
  • Duct Tape
  • 1/2″x2″X1/8″ “Extra Thick” Rubber Washer (Lowes Hardware 423447)
  • 1 1/4″ pvc Plug (Lowes Hardware 51409)
  • Strapping Tape


  • I recommend the solid 2″ foam tips over camping pad. The camping pad is not quite as dense as the Neoprene and will break down faster. I did this construction with the camping pad to show the lowest cost solution.
  • Make sure to get the “No Hub” style coupling. This style has a ridge that will help keep the coupling in place.
  • You want to get a 1 1/4″ PVC Plug not a 1″ cap. The plug has a flat top that will help keep the tip from flopping over.

Hardware Cost: $8.93 (not including foam or tape)



Cut 5, 1/2″x2″ foam circles from the camping pad. Stack the disks and tape together to form the core.


I’m making the camping pad 1/2″ thicker than the 2″ Neoprene core since it isn’t quite as dense and will compress easier.



Remove and discard the metal surround on the coupling. Place one of the rubber washers inside the coupling butting it up against the ridge inside. The washer side will go on the shaft side.


Flip the coupling around and push the foam core into the coupling. This should be a tight fit and require the foam to be compressed a bit. The foam should butt up against the backside of the rubber washer.


Shaft and Plug

Wrap the end of the shaft in a layer of Duct Tape. This will take the play out of the PVC plug. I only needed one layer. Push the PVC plug on to the end of the shaft. Tap the plug on the ground to fully seat the plug on the shaft.


Wrap the plug in several layers of tape. Build up the sides until the coupling fits snugly. I needed 6 or 7 wraps of tape.


Join the Tip to the Shaft

Attach the tip with several strips of strapping tape starting 6″ below the coupling on the shaft wrapping over the tip and ending 6″ below the coupling on the shaft. I did this 4 times to cover all the angles.


Tightly spiral wrap starting at the top of the coupling and finishing 6″ into the shaft.


Repeat, spiral wrapping the other direction.


Cover with Duct Tape


Contrasting tip may not be necessary, but its nice.